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 How it Works
    FREE Book in Exchange for a Book Review!

"FREE Book in Exchange for a Book Review."

     If you are selected, you agree to write a review which the user group will post to our web site,  provide to the publisher, and post to and  - then you get to keep the book! READ: "How To Review"
    How to claim your F R E E book and write your review:
    1. Select one of the books currently offered for review (one outstanding review per member, please). Books by title are (usually) posted and e-mailed to members prior to our monthly user group Meeting. Occasionally, books may be offered during our user group Meeting and may not have been previously posted or e-mailed to members. Select from one of the book titles available for that user group Meeting. Books may be made available as physical copy books or via e-book downloads. Selection of e-books may vary and may include an option for the reviewer to select from several e-books with the approval of Chris Wallace before the book is downloaded.
    2. Be the first to send an e-mail message to Chris Wallace after the book title has been posted and e-mailed to members. State that you will write a review of that book within 30 days of receiving that book and that you understand and agree to follow the book review process and submit your review as described in our “How To Review.”  Make your best convincing argument to pick you, to ensure you are selected for the book review!

Do Not Participate - Unless you agree to follow our "How To Review"!

3. Attend our Meeting described in the e-mail to see if you are a winner of your book choice! Get your book at our Meeting. You must be present at that Meeting to pick up your book, no exceptions. If you are not present to obtain your book at the time during the Meeting when it is offered, it will go to the next person who submitted an e-mail in the order received. E-books may be available by download key/instructions, which may be picked up at that Meeting.
    4. Start reading and writing!
         Eligibility - To participate in our review process you must be member of this Denver Visual Studio User Group professional association as described on our Join page. You must be a local member, located in the greater Denver, Colorado (USA), metropolitan area or the Colorado front range of the Rocky Mountains and you must be present at our meetings appropriate to your book review. Unless otherwise stated, you must be available to physically acquire the review item (i.e., book or download key/instructions) by attending our user group meeting when the item is offered. You must be an adult -- minors are not eligible to join or participate in any activity of this user group professional association. Other eligibility requirements may apply, for specific questions or comments, please ask.

These eligibility requirements are subject to change without advance notice.
     Please see Notice, for our Terms of Service.
 Plan Your Review
         Plan - Read and review any books about the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development tool set including subjects such as: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, the .NET Framework, Windows Phone 7 applications, ADO.NET, ASP.NET (MVC), Windows WPF/Forms, WCF, WF, XML, OOP, Web Services, Azure/Cloud, and many others. If in doubt, ask us (see Questions? / Comments below).

     Notify - Please notify us when you decide to write a review well ahead of your review date (see below). To notify us, please send us as many of the detail items below that you can prior to your review.
 Include Your Details
         Include - Include these detail items below with your review (please do not solely embed into the review itself). All are required, except where indicated as + "Optional", see posted reviews for examples. Please be as accurate as possible (exact data may be found on the publisher's web site for each specific book).
    About the Book:
     1. Title (and Edition, if Special Edition or if applicable after First Edition);           
     2. Author's Name/Names,
            + "Optional" Author's Web Site complete URL and/or Author's E-mail Address;
     3. Published Year;
     4. ISBN;
     5. Publisher's Name and Publisher's Web Site Page for this Book (complete URL),
            + "Optional" Book Image (.jpg, maximum 105w x 140h pixels) separately attached file,
            + Number of Pages;
     6. Primary Category best for listing book, see Reviews page for categories and examples:
            C#, Visual Basic .NET, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, etc.;
    About your Review:
     7. Review Date (month, year);
     8. Reviewer's Overall Star Rating (make a decision using only one overall Star rating):
           One out of Five Stars   Two out of Five Stars   Three out of Five Stars   Four out of Five Stars   Five out of Five Stars
            (1 lowest, 2, 3, 4, or 5 highest Stars out of a possible 5 Stars - no half or other Stars);
     9. Reviewer's Name (you must provide your name and you must be a member of our group,
            you may request your "Name Withheld" from publication);
   10. Reviewer's E-mail Address (you must provide your e-mail address,
            you may request your "E-mail Address Withheld" from publication).
   11. + "Optional" Reviewer's Biographical or Current Information Statement, you may
            tell us a little about yourself in the third person with 2 or 3 sentences for publication.
 Write Your Review
    As part of your review:
Concentrate on reviewing how the book looks at the subject
             rather than reviewing the subject itself.
                  This is a book "review" -- not a book "report!"

     Reference why you say what you do based upon your professional background.
Include topics from the book which are of special interest to this subject.
Include topics excluded from the book which you think should have been included..
Avoid listing chapter titles - that data is available online and is not review material.
    As you write your review, think of these questions for your reader:
What are the strengths and weaknesses of this book?
Who would be a good audience for the book?
What level of expertise is appropriate for this book?
How can this book help the reader?
As a reviewer, what kind of book works best for you and how did this book work for you?
     Tip - You may find it easier to make notes specifically for your review as you read, rather than waiting until you have completed the book to begin writing, then the writing comes easily, quickly, and doesn’t become that big chore that is awaiting you at the end!
     Length - Please provide at least 2,000 total characters including spaces in the body of your review, shorter reviews may not be accepted. Please limit the body of your review to less than 5,000 total characters including spaces (and any included complete URL links fully spelled out), longer reviews may be accepted. Provide all data in simple text only, please!
     Code - Your complete book review may include a review of code included in text, in any CD, or in any downloadable version - or you may indicate that you did not review the code.
         Scope - You do not need to read every word or run every line of code in order to write a quality review. Remember this is a book "review" not a book "report." You do not need to tell your reader the contents of the book. You do want to tell your reader what you thought of the contents of the book.
         Errata - Prior to reading your book for review, always check with the publisher for updates, errata (significant errors), and other notes (usually listed on the publisher's web site). If available, check the online author feedback or discussion forums about this book (usually listed on the publisher's web site).
         Editing - Your review may be edited. Not all reviews will be published. If needed, we may return your review and ask for you to rewrite it or we may edit/rewrite it to conform to our goals and standards or for any other reason. Your review may be reformatted for publication. 
         Full Disclosure - Your book may have been provided to you in exchange for a book review; however, the results of your review are to be provided without bias and with the understanding that your review was given freely by you without favoritism.
         Copyright - Reviews must be your original creation. Do not include any copyrighted content for which you are not the owner, except as indicated herein. By submitting your review, you state that the review is your original creation, that you have permission to submit any copyrighted content, and you grant the group permission to edit, format, discuss, publish, and use your review in any way within ordinary reasonable use by the group.
     You may submit copyrighted materials if you are the original creator and you grant us a copyright release from any other copyright owner for our publication and in that case, you must provide the exact text of the copyright notice that will appear with your review when published on our site. Proper use of copyrighted content and protection of that copyrighted content is the responsibility of the reviewer.
     When posted to this user group web site, a copyright notice will be attached to your review by this user group to provide copyrights to this user group (see the copyright notice below). This user group may assign permission to a requester for the use of user group copyrighted content as defined in the Notice. Your published review may be submitted by this user group to the publisher, author, or others without prior notice.
     Use of Your Review - By submitting a review, our reviewer grants the user group permission to copyright and use their review and their name and e-mail address (unless withheld from publication by reviewer) in any way within ordinary reasonable use by the group. Reviewer permission may be assigned by the user group. The book/media publisher is granted the right to publish this review and their name and e-mail address (unless withheld from publication by reviewer) using the same exact complete content (or any partial content which reflects the review as appropriately as the exact complete content) as published by the Denver Visual Studio User Group on the user group's web site. For that, the copy must reference the original review as having been:

"This review originally published in its entirety on the Denver Visual Studio User Group web site, (c) All rights reserved."

     The Denver Visual Studio User Group strongly encourages our reviewers to also post their reviews on their favorite or popular book and technical sites, in addition to the required posting to, (Barnes & Noble), the publisher's web site (if the publisher provides a place to post reviews), and their own personal web sites and blogs using the same criteria as above, after the review has been posted on the Denver Visual Studio User Group web site using the same exact content as posted on the Denver Visual Studio User Group web site. 
 Submit Your Review -- Please participate!
         Submit - Send all of the required and optional detail items above with your completed review in simple text only, please, via e-mail and attach a separate file for the book image. Please submit each review separately.
     To submit your review, notify us about your proposed review and for questions or comments about How to Review, please e-mail Chris Wallace.


FREE Book in Exchange for a Book Review!

 For members participating in our volunteer Book Exchange
"FREE Book in Exchange for a Book Review."

         When you have received your book FREE from this user group and specifically entered into this agreement to follow this How to Review process in exchange for a book review by an offer  from this user group - You have an obligation to complete your book review within 30 days (unless it is requested sooner at the time you receive it) by following this How to Review process. The book you receive FREE, in exchange for a book review, is not your book until you submit your book review as agreed. One user group member may have only one pending book review at one time under this offer. You are also obligated to keep us informed of your book review progress when you obtain your book and no less than the 30 days until your book review is submitted and posted.
     You know your own schedule better than anyone else and you know that the days can go by very quickly, so think about how you are going to read and review that 1,000 page book in the allotted days - be realistic with yourself, with your user group, the publisher and the author!
     Please, we want you to review your book! Sorry for the grim details, but here it goes . . .
     If you fail to follow this How to Review process, including failure to complete your book review within 30 days
(unless it is requested sooner at the time you receive it), you also agree that you MUST do one of the following within the next 7 days:
Immediately return your book in its original condition to this user group.
Keep your book, and immediately obtain another copy of the exact book in its original condition, then provide that copy to this user group.
         You are NOT eligible to receive another book FREE from this user group in exchange for a book review when you have failed to follow this How to Review process.
     You are NOT eligible to receive
door prizes from this user group when you have failed to follow this How to Review process. See Door Prize Requirement and Details.
     You are NOT eligible for and may be removed from the membership e-mail list when you have failed to follow this
How to Review process.    
     You are NOT eligible to keep your book until you submit your book review as agreed upon when you received the FREE book in exchange for a book review. You may keep the book AFTER your review has been accepted and posted.
         This Warning Notice applies to you when a book has been provided to you in exchange for a written book review - you will see the Book Exchange symbol FREE Book in Exchange for a Book Review! next to your name in Book Reviews Pending.
     This Warning Notice does not apply to you when a book has been awarded to you as a door prize during user group events or when your have agreed to review a book that was not awarded to you during a Meeting but you have agreed to write a book review - you will not see the Book Exchange symbol
FREE Book in Exchange for a Book Review! next to your name in Book Reviews Pending.
     Contact Chris Wallace for details about returning your book or any questions or comments about this Warning Notice.

 Questions? / Comments
         Any other questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas -- please send them to us. We are here to help us all make this a success! For extensive details about our group, see our Home.  This How to Review is subject to change without notice. Please see Notice, for our Terms of Service, including reviews.
     For publishers, authors, or book sellers and for any other questions or comments about our book reviews and our group, please e-mail Chris Wallace.

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