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 Denver Study Group

 Denver Study Group

New! -- check back for updates - we have excited news coming soon!
- The Denver Study Group is a sub group of the Denver Visual Studio User Group.
 Location and Summary

- Innovation Pavilion, 9200 East Mineral Ave., Centennial, CO 80112
Directions and Bing Maps
orth of Park Meadows Mall, between E. Dry Creek Rd. & E. County Line Rd., W of I-25
- Free parking,
Enter the front lobby (doors locked after 7:00 p.m.)
- C
heck the white board or video marquee near the entrance for the room number   Limited Seats
- Check the Current Course Topic and Schedule, immediately below

The Denver Study Group gathers developers together on a series basis to watch, discuss, and learn from high quality video training. Meetings cover a variety of application development specific areas, offering an experience via videos used along with shared discussion periods - expert training and group interaction delivered to fit your needs, all free. Learn complicated things in a way that keeps your attention, shows progress, develops skills, and engages your mind in lively conversation, while helping you keep up to speed. Join us!

- Using Pluralsight videos: one free one-month subscription card for first time attendees
- Free! No prior registration required. Watch videos/discuss/code (no purchase necessary)

- Business meeting space includes training room type tables and chairs with video projector
- Optional: bring your own pc (free password protected Wi-Fi available)
- FMI: R
ead All Details Below and Keep Informed!

 Current Course Topic and Schedule  

New! -- check back for updates - we have excited news coming soon!

New! After over one year of continuous Study Group sessions, we will be taking off the next few months. We look forward to a renewed interest in working with you, our Members, with new and exciting software development learning skills. Next course will be posted here and on our Study Group LinkedIn site -- check for updates!
We value and need your FEEDBACK -- what do you want from your Study Group?

Tell us here:
- LinkedIn


 Course Topics - History    (most recent/current first)
- Window 8 Store Apps Hands-on in 20 Lessons by Yacine Khammal (5 sessions, Feb-Mar, 2014)
- AngularJS Fundamentals by Joe Eames, Jim Cooper (4 sessions, Jan-Feb, 2014)
- Practical LINQ by Debora Kurata (3 sessions, Nov, 2013)
- HTML5 Fundamentals by Craig Shoemaker (4 sessions, Oct, 2013)
- C# Fundamentals - Part 2 by Scott Allen (3 sessions, Sep, 2013)
- Single Page Apps JumpStart by John Papa (5 sessions, Jul-Aug, 2013)
- Getting Started with Entity Framework 5 by Julie Lerman (6 sessions, Jun-Jul, 2013)
jQuery Fundamentals by Dan Wahlin (4 session, Jun, 2013)
- JQuery UI by Scott Allen
(1 sessions, May, 2013)
C# Fundamentals - Part 1 by Scott Allen (4 sessions, Mar-Apr, 2013)
- Building Applications with ASP.NET MVC 4 by Scott Allen (6 sessions, Feb-Mar, 2013)
 Course Topics

- Our Study Group is supported by Pluralsight -- we have selected Pluralsight as our primary source of video training. Their experienced video instructors act as our guide.
What is Pluralsight? -- Hardcore Developer Training
Follow Pluralsight on Twitter Like Pluralsight on Facebook.
- Participate in Pluralsight course discussions with other students anywhere.

- The Study Group leader, the User Group leader, and our member participants will decide which courses to study from the selected video training library related to our user group.
- For each course, the title, description, table of contents, author, duration, level, release date, and more may be found on the selected training web site
- Courses are expected to be Microsoft Visual Studio development tool-set centric, emphasizing C#, Visual Basic, HTML, and related topics; but may be anything you can do with Microsoft Visual Studio and related topics
- Time during each meeting will be devoted to the specific topic for the current meeting video and the current meeting video series


- The Study Group meets for the express purpose of gathering developers together on a series basis to watch, discuss, and learn from high quality video training along with others of a like mind.

- Our Study Group meetings cover a wide variety of application development specific areas. Study Group meetings differ from our user group presentation meetings or other events, in that the Study Group offers a more intimate experience via the videos used along with the shared discussion periods.

- During the Study Group meetings, the training videos are shown in a web browser via a streaming service and displayed on a large screen audio/visual presentation system for all participants to watch and hear together.
- Alternatively, during the Study Group meetings, we may review and execute the exercises provided  along with the video training. We encourage our attending members to code along with the exercises on their own laptops, sharing results with other attending members. Members not wishing to code independently, may follow along with other attending members or just follow along with the group discussions.
- Alternatively, during the Study Group meetings, we may use the "flipped classroom" technique where each attendee watches the videos before the meeting begins (watch the videos at your home/office) and then during the meeting the training videos are discussed and code may be exercised as a group and when helpful portions of the videos may be shown to go over some materials. Showing will be in a web browser via a streaming service and displayed on a large screen audio/visual presentation system for all participants to watch and hear together. You may attend even when you have not seen the videos prior to attending; however, it will be to your benefit to watch the videos ahead of each meeting. When the "flipped classroom" technique is in use, it will be noted in above in the listing of the Current Course Topic and Schedule.

- Denver Visual Studio User Group is a professional independent user group private volunteer membership association whose members are 100% committed to the Microsoft Visual Studio development tool set, emphasizing C#, Visual Basic, and everything you can do with Microsoft Visual Studio. The Denver Study Group, a sub group of Denver Visual Studio User Group.


- Video training helps us in our group bring experienced and highly rated training professionals directly into our group at a time and place of our choice -- and for free! More than that, it provides us with opportunities to select the specific training we need to be delivered via video and supplement it with  interactive discussions learning together with our own peers locally. This gives us the best of both worlds - expert training and group interaction - delivered to fit our needs.
- Video training provides an excellent, cost-efficient alternative to live training programs by using a vast training library which has helped thousands of developers worldwide. When we add our group members to discuss together, you get even more than you could by watching the videos solo.
- In our fast-paced world of application development and related tasks, our need to know is never ending and our quest to know more is omnipresent. Our Study Group provides one more way to help our members solve their training dilemma. Taking advantage of these opportunities, may give you the ability to learn complicated things in a way that keeps your attention, shows progress, develops skills, and engages your mind in lively conversation.

 What Happens
- Approximately 2 hour meetings once each week
- Watch course videos at each meeting
- Discuss in an open round table format the topics related to the videos
- Optionally, during the meeting or outside of the meeting, work on ad-hoc code exercises related to the videos
- Optionally, outside of the meeting, watch the videos and then in the meetings work on ad-hoc code exercises related to the videos
- Actual times will vary considerably, depending on the course plus group and other interactions
Actual Denver Study Group In Action!
Actual Denver Study Group!

- One course for typical 4-6 weeks, then repeat for next course
- Approximately 4-6 consecutive weekly meetings will be completed to go through a course
- Break between courses 1-4 weeks and then repeat for next course

- Depending on the course and the needs of the participants, the times will vary, sometimes considerably
- Depending on each course, length of each weekly meeting and consecutive meetings for a course may vary
- Holidays, other special days, weather, and venue use, may cause changes to the planned schedule

- We will plan for each course from one or more weeks ahead of scheduled venue space needs and  communicate those dates and times to ensure our space reservations and placement on the venue  events calendar, as well as the planning calendars of attendees -- check back here for the Current Course Topic and Schedule.


- No prior registration is required to attend
- Attendance is first come only, until meeting space is full, maximum approximately 45, may be restricted due to the venue

- Participants must check in with the Study Group leader at the start of each meeting

- If you arrive after the meeting has started, please be professional and courteous to those already engaged in the meeting

- Participants may attend without prior preparation; however, participants are encouraged to watch the next video prior to the meeting in order to be ready for coding and discussion
- Although participation in the various parts of each meeting is voluntary, participants are encouraged to be interactive at each meeting with fellow participants in a professional and courteous manner
- Participants should commit to attending all of the meetings through the course that is being offered when they attend any meeting

Actual Denver Study Group Member!

- Participants may come to as many or as few courses as they need, as we plan to repeat these sessions with different courses throughout the year
- If a participant misses a meeting, they may view the video for that meeting using their own video training account at their own leisure before the next meeting

- The Study Group leader is the leader/coordinator/facilitator of the Study Group, not the instructor/presenter/speaker or there to answer all technical questions regarding the topic – participants learn from the videos and from interaction with each other 
- Study Group participants may include members with experience in the topics discussed and may act as technical resources to fellow members attending


- Participants are expected to have some experience with application development, most of the courses will not be introductory and many may be advanced -- see the library training link to the current course for more information about the appropriate experience level
- You may come to just watch the videos and participate in the group discussion, without a laptop/tablet
- Laptops/tablets with Microsoft Visual Studio are not provided for your use during the meetings

- Optionally, bring your own laptop/tablet to use at each meeting; please be courteous to your fellow participants and not perform other activities during each meeting (if you need to, leave the meeting for e-mail, phone, or other activities unrelated to the meeting)
- Optionally, use of Microsoft Visual Studio may be required to get the most out of each meeting and your outside preparation for each meeting, free limited Microsoft Visual Studio Express editions are available


- Anyone can participate free of charge (no purchase necessary)

- Participants do not need a paid subscription to the video training library or Microsoft Visual Studio software to attend, watch the videos, or participate in our discussions

- Participants may download free limited Microsoft Visual Studio Express editions
- Optionally, participants may purchase their own Pluralsight subscriptions separately
- Optionally, participants may purchase their own Microsoft Visual Studio software or MSDN subscriptions separately

 One Free One-Month Subscription Card

- As a participant, you may receive one free one-month subscription card * to the entire Pluralsight library upon attending your first Study Group meeting
To receive your card, make your request directly to the Study Group leader
Provide your name, e-mail address, and phone number to the Study Group leader
Activate your card yourself directly with Pluralsight online to start your subscription
- C
ards expire, use yours soon
* quantities are limited and may not be available, some restrictions apply


 Keep Informed

- Denver Visual Studio User Group
- See our home page, join our e-mail membership list and attend our meetings and presentations
- Denver Study Group
- Read our primary study group details (this page)

- User Group on LinkedIn
- J
oin our user group on LinkedIn and then
- Study Group sub group on LinkedIn
- J
oin our sub group on LinkedIn to participate in discussions and details including the current courses, schedules, and news

- Twitter
- Follow us on Twitter for short and last minute notices (see Contacts below)

- 'Add to Outlook'
 - Add the Current Course Topic and Schedule iCalendar in .ics format (when available) to your devices



Denver Study Group Moderator: Nick Carpenter, Twitter: @QBitNick
Denver Study Group Backup: Edward Huddleston
Denver Visual Studio User Group Leader:
Chris Wallace, Twitter: @CWDenver


- Our Study Group is supported by Pluralsight for the courses offered and by Microsoft which generously provides our meeting facilities through the Innovation Pavilion.
 Pluralsight Training
Pluralsight - Hardcore Developer Training
    "Our content is so inspiring, it feels like you’re reading a story. Fortunately, the storybook ending is all about you."
     "Our authors have a talent of explaining new technology in easy to understand terms. That’s why we call them storytellers. They inspire. They entertain. They guide you along the path of learning. And just like a good story, our training can help you uncover a whole world of new opportunities."
FMI: Pluralsight

 Unemployed and a Denver area based Denver Visual Studio User Group Member? --
             Ask me (your user group leader): "I am unemployed and a Denver area based
       Denver Visual Studio User Group Member, can I get a FREE one-month subscription to
       Pluralsight On-Demand! ?"
             (include your user group listed full name and e-mail address for this program)

* Our agreement with Pluralsight requires that each requestor be a member of our local user group and personally known by us in order to qualify for their promotion. If you attend our in-person meetings, labs, or other events, you may qualify. This is a limited time promotion and may end at any time without notice. Only one unemployment offer per user group member.
 Innovation Pavilion
Innovation Pavilion
'An ecosystem for entrepreneurs’ with co-working space starting at $200 and flexible office space for startups. FMI: Innovation Pavilion, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

 Our Former Labs and Our Masters "Emeritus"
     See our Past Labs here. NOTE: Past Labs are not part of the Denver Study Group above.
Our most recent Lab coordinator for our former Labs and now one of our two Lab Master “Emeritus” is Larry Haskin. He is an independent consultant and a long time user group member who has presented at our Meetings and Labs. For questions and comments regarding our former Labs contact Larry Haskin directly.
     Prior to Larry, and o
ur first Lab Master “Emeritus” is Richard Grier, a long-time supporter of our group who was our founding Lab Master and monthly Lab Master for over five years. Richard is an independent consultant and owner of
Hard & Software. He is a Microsoft Visual Basic MVP. In addition, he has been a Software  Engineer, Project Engineer, and Electronics Engineer. He is also author of the Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, 3rd Edition, ISBN 1-890422-27-4 (391 pages). For questions and comments and to obtain this book contact Richard Grier directly.


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