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Windows Phone 7 Unleashed -- Learn -- Build -- Win $

From: Chris Wallace

Special Full-Day Event

Message Date: April 17, 2011

Limited Seats

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 Windows Phone 7 Unleashed     
Register Here!  NOTE:  In order to deliver the best possible experience for attendees,
seating at this event is VERY limited. Register now! Waitlist available.
The REGISTER HERE! button takes you to:

NOTE: Each attendee is required to bring a laptop loaded with
the free software required for the labs (see below).
Add this event to my Outlook Calendar! Windows Phone 7 Unleashed All Day Hands-on Learning and Programming, B.Y.O. Laptop!Limited Seats
Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Unleashed: Learn -- Build -- Win $
     Chris Wallace, overall speaker, event organizer and coordinator
     Steve Milroy, keynote speaker
     Ricardo Villalobos, session speaker
     David Yack, session speaker
     Warren Wilbee, special guest
     Roy Ogborn, lab coordinator
Windows Phone 7 is HOT!" Join us for our second special full-day event to learn everything you need to know about Windows Phone 7 development. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just starting with .NET development, there’s something in it for you.

The first part of this deep dive event is lecture and hands on lab. At the end of that time, you’ll have a solid foundation for building WP7 applications. The remainder of the day is going straight to code!

Build the best app and win a $500 (1st place), $200 (2nd place) or $100 (3rd place) American Express gift card! Build your app in a group (in a group, if your app wins, you will split your winnings) or go solo! Start building your app NOW; you don’t need to wait for the event to start! You must be present to win!

Free MarketPlace tokens for those putting their application into the marketplace (a limited supply of these, organizers of each event will collect names and we will distribute)

Telerik is sponsoring a$5000.00 Grand Prize for the best application over all of the WP7 Unleashed events that are submitted to marketplace. The top 25 will be selected and then one of the top 25 will be randomly picked for the prize (So get your app into the marketplace after the event). They are also giving EVERY attendee a free set of their $99.00 WP7 Controls.

PDSA, Inc. is pleased to sponsor the WP7 Unleashed Events. They will be giving 2 lucky winners from each event a chance to win four 1 hour long videos on Silverlight. In addition 1 lucky person will win our Haystack Code Generator for .NET at each event that allows you to create the business and data classes and the WCF services that can be consumed by Windows Phone 7 applications!

O’Reilly will be giving away a free ebook to every attendee (Many WP7 titles) and will also donate a few books to raffle at each event.

Session 1 – Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Programming

In this session, we start with a discussion of windows phone, the architecture changes made from 6.5 to 7.0, the hardware specifications and then move into the beginnings of building a WP7 application including :

  1. Application life cycle
  2. Hardware Foundation
  3. Files associated with project template
  4. Splash screen and the importance of 1 second / 19 second loading
  5. Application Bar
  6. Panorama and Pivot controls
  7. Red Threads
  8. MVVM
  9. Marketplace

Session 2 – Connecting to Services

In this session, we will discuss how Cloud Services help to bring power to the phone. We will be binding to a rest based services and show how to search and display the information received. In this session we will also talk about Navigation, passing information between screens, simple page animations while working with List and detail information.

  1. Navigation
  2. Fragment Navigation
  3. JSON Deserialization
  4. JSON.Net
  5. The Extras Menu
  6. Live Tile
  7. Push Notifications
  8. Push Notification Helper Library
  9. Shell Tile Scheduler
  10. Navigation

Session 3 – Recording Data

In this session we will be working with the Camera to capture and crop photos, record audio files, take notes, saving location, sharing (sending emails and SMS messages – and if time permits sending to twitter or FB) and saving everything using isolated storage. We will discuss tombstoning and how it effects your application process, including the when, where and whys of saving state).

  1. Tombstoning
  2. Tombstoning helper
  3. Sensor overview
  4. Location and GPS
  5. Bing Maps
  6. Accerometer
  7. Phone Shake
  8. Launchers and Choosers
  9. Isolated Storage

NOTE: Each attendee is required to bring a laptop loaded with the free software required for the labs.

The required software is:

  • Windows Vista or Windows 7 (WP7 tools will not run on XP or on a VM)

Windows Phone 7 Developer tools (All 3 below) All three will be found on that page:

  • Developer Tools
  • Developer Tools Jan Update
  • Windows Phone Developer Tools Fix

If you already have Visual Studio, the tools will be added to VS otherwise it will install the free phone tools.

Optional But Suggested Downloads and Resources:



Chris Wallace
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