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January, 2015 -
Pregame Show


Check our Last Presentation Meeting Message
November/December, 2014 - "Learn C# with the Denver Visual Studio User Group"
Pregame Show

    Sponsor "Modis and the .NET market in Denver - Modis"
October, 2014 - "Domain-Driven Design Demonstration in .NET"
Pregame Show

    Sponsor "Navigating Your Career Path in a Hot Job Market
(Without Getting Burned) - PeerSource"
September, 2014 - "TypeScript for JavaScript in Visual Studio"
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Exception Handling

    Sponsor "Introduction to ECS Team"
August, 2014 - "What's New with Kinect for Windows v2 (Technical Dive)"
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Classes

    Sponsor "Interview Best Practices - Innovar Group"
June, 2014 - "Visual Studio Power User Tips"
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Methods and Parameters

    Sponsor "Monitoring Production Applications, AppDynamics"
May, 2014 - "Introducing the Universal App for Visual Studio 2013 Update 2:
code once, run on every Microsoft platform – a developer overview"
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Control Flow

    Sponsor "2014 IT Hiring and Compensation Trends, Robert Half Technology"
April, 2014 - "Rounding out Visual Studio with VS 2013 Update 2"
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Operators

    Sponsor "A Quick Look at the Job Market from a Staffing Perspective, Brooksource"
March, 2014 - "From Access to Azure:
Building full-blown MVC and Web API Applications from Office 365
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Data Types in C#

    Sponsor "Who is Equity?, Equity Staffing Group"
February, 2014 - "Transforming Software Development in a World of Devices and Services"
Pregame Show
"Make a Video Using Camtasia and Snagit"
    Sponsor "Current Market Trends and Standing Out in the Crowd, TEKsystems"
January, 2014 - "clean code - Keep it Clean, Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here"
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Introduction to Visual Studio with C#

    Sponsor "RBA 2014, Challenge and Opportunity"

  November/December, 2013 - "Building Single Page Web Applications on ASP.Net MVC and AngularJS"
Pregame Show The C# Developer's World - Introduction to C#

    Sponsor "Modern Web Applications with Aspenware"
October, 2013 - "Reduce Your ASP.Stress with MVC4"
Pregame Show

    Sponsor "Exciting Projects Happening at ECSTeam!"
September, 2013 - "Application Lifecycle Management -- What's New in Visual Studio 2013 ALM"
Pregame Show
"Minimum Viable Product  (MVP) -- your future app strategy"
    Sponsor "Azure: A Cloud Platform to QuickStart a Company, by The Spitfire Group"
August, 2013 - "Asynchronous Programming - Deeper into Async and Await"
Pregame Show
"Denver Study Group - SPA, Single Page Apps"
    Sponsor "Tips for Networking - EdgeLink"
July, 2013 - "What's New in Windows 8.1 for Developers"
Pregame Show

    Sponsor "Modis and the .NET market in Denver"
June, 2013 - "Building the Real-time Web with SignalR"
Pregame Show
"Denver Study Group - Entity Framework 5"
    Sponsor "Perficient, Inc.: An Overview"
May, 2013 - "Multi-platform Mobile Development in C# Using Xamarin
Pregame Show
"How C# Saved my Marriage, Enhanced my Career and Made Me an Inch Taller - Xamarin Preview"
    Sponsor "IronWare Business Intelligence, Microsoft BI Stack"
April, 2013 - "Advanced XAML Techniques"
Pregame Show
"Denver Study Group - C# From Scratch"
    Sponsor "IT Hiring and Compensation Trends 2013 from Robert Half Technology"
March, 2013 - "Single Page Applications in ASP.NET"
Pregame Show
"Denver Study Group - C# Fundamentals"
    Sponsor "Thomson Reuters Litigation Desktop Solutions"
February, 2013 - "How to Build a REST API using ASP.NET Web API"
Pregame Show "
Denver Study Group - New Location, Topic: ASP.NET MVC 4"
    Sponsor "Go Daddy 2013: The Teenage Years and the Road Ahead"
January, 2013 - "Advanced Messaging Patterns Using the Windows Azure Service Bus"
Pregame Show "
Denver Study Group - Announcement: Kickoff, A taste of a Topic"
    Sponsor "Günther Douglas presents: The Denver Job Market"

December, 2012 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2012 - "Getting Geeky with the .NET Framework and Principles"
Pregame Show "
Pluralsight Study Group - Update: Using Visual Studio and C#"
    Sponsor "Debunking Data Recovery Myths"
October, 2012 - "Including Advertising in Your Windows 8 apps"
Pregame Show "
Pluralsight Study Group"
    Sponsor "VMWare vCloud for .NET Developers"
September, 2012 - "Windows 8 Apps for the Enterprise"
Pregame Show "
Generation App - Seizing the Opportunity"
    Sponsor "Building Better Relationships and Effective Networking, Innovar Group"
August, 2012 - "Visual Studio 2012 Deep Dive Preview"
Pregame Show "
Windows 8 apps Roadmap -- for Windows 8 apps using C# (or VB)"
    Sponsor "Business Intelligence & Development, Reports Now"
July, 2012 - "Unit Testing and Test Driven Development with Visual Studio 2012"
    Sponsor "The State of the Local Technology Market & YOU, EdgeLink"
June, 2012 - "Porting .net Libraries to Windows 8"
Pregame Show "
Microsoft Surface Tablets"
    Sponsor ".net Opportunities in Denver, Equity Staffing Group"
May, 2012 - "ASP.NET MVC Using Knockout.js and the MVVM Pattern"
Pregame Show "
Windows 8 Apps -- "Hello World" Using XAML with C#"
    Sponsor "Modis and the .NET market in Denver"
April, 2012 - "Beyond Beta: What’s Coming in Visual Studio 11 for Web Developers"
    Sponsor "Preparing You for Your Next Career Opportunity, The Doyle Group"
March, 2012 - "Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML"
Pregame Show "
Windows 8 Apps --
       Decisions: What Tools You Can Use to Build Windows 8 Apps"
    Sponsor "Introducing Riptide Hosting "Dedicated Servers and Developers""
February, 2012 - "Design Essentials for Developers"
Pregame Show "
Windows Phone -- Design Inspiration with Windows Phone Metro"
    Sponsor "Behavior Driven Development with SpecFlow & Jasmine, RBA Consulting"
January, 2012 - "Building a Massively Scalable Platform for Consumer Devices* on
        Windows Azure
" * iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7
Pregame Show "
Windows Azure -- Using What You Know to Get a Better User Experience"
    Sponsor "IT Hiring and Compensation Trends for 2012, Robert Half Technology"

December, 2011 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2011 - "Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know"
Pregame Show "
Windows 8 -- Microsoft Re-imagines Windows --
      Moving from Silverlight to HTML5 & JavaScript"
    Sponsor "My Life as a Super Hero – Coding to Save Lives, Zoll"
October, 2011 - "MVC 3 Architecture And Extensibility"
    Sponsor "Introducing Riptide Hosting "Dedicated Servers and Developers""
September, 2011 - "Building Your Software Delivery Process –
        from a Developer’s Point of View, using Team Foundation Server
Pregame Show "
Windows 8 -- Microsoft Re-imagines Windows"
    Sponsor "RBA Consulting presents: SharePoint Development Using Visual Studio 2010"
August, 2011 - "Blended SharePoint 2010 / ASP.NET Solutions'"
Birds of a Feather "
Platforms, Technologies, Tools - Now and Tomorrow"
    Sponsor "ECSTeam presents: "ECS Overview"'"
July, 2011 - "Effective Silverlight 5 Development"
    Sponsor "Imulus Design + Interactive"
June, 2011 - "From Zero to N-Tier in 90 Minutes"
Pregame Show "Language Roundup
    Sponsor Presentation "PDSA presents: "Haystack Code Generator"
May, 2011 - "Blended SharePoint 2010 / ASP.NET Solutions" (see more on August 22)
    Sponsor Presentation "ECS Overview" (see more on August 22)
April, 2011 - "Async: Today and Tomorrow"
    Sponsor Presentation "Debunking Data Recovery Myths, Data Recovery Link"
March, 2011 - "Extend Your App to Windows Phone 7 'it's easy with Visual Studio'"
Birds of a Feather "
Windows Phone 7 -- Do you have "an app for that?"
    Sponsor "ConsultNet  --  'Integrating Talent with Technology'"
February, 2011 - "Practical Windows Azure for Developers"
Pregame Show "Cloud Considerations
    Sponsor "IronWare Technologies"
January, 2011 - "Designing, Building, and Deploying Windows Azure Applications
        using Visual Studio 2010
    Sponsor "LeaderQuest"

December, 2010 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2010 - "Kicking it up a Notch:  Harnessing Visual Studio 2010’s Powerful Features
    in Your Organization, from Design through Deployment
    Sponsor "Adventos"
October, 2010 - "Turn it On:  A Walkthrough of Visual Studio LightSwitch"
    Sponsor "Sogeti"
September, 2010 - "Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 2"
    Sponsor Presentation "IT Employment Trends: 2010, Robert Half Technology"
August, 2010 - "Denver Visual Studio User Group
          Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Community Launch - in 2 parts:
          Building a Web App in 30 Minutes and
          New Tools Overview: From Test to Performance Analysis
    Special Presentation "See How to Create Software and Training Demonstrations"
    Sponsor Presentation "Domain-driven Development and the Large Financial Enterprise,
         5280 Solutions"
July, 2010 - "jQuery for .Net Developers"
    Sponsor Presentation "Pariveda Solutions"
June, 2010 - "Increase Performance Using Locally Stored Data"
    Sponsor Presentation "ExecuTrain of Denver"
May, 2010 - "Practical WCF  -- Windows Communication Foundation"
    Sponsor Presentation "Sogeti"
April, 2010 - "Line of Business Application with Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010"
    Sponsor Presentation "Infragistics"
March, 2010 - "YOUR Silverlight World – Use WCF to Easily Move Data and
     More Best Practices
    Sponsor Presentation "Modis"
February, 2010 - "What’s New in C# 4.0?"
Birds of a Feather "Where is the Sweet Spot? – Strategies for Adoption of Software

    Sponsor Presentation "MapIt – What It Is and How To Use It - Idea Integration"
January, 2010 - "SharePoint 2010 for Developers - What’s New and Why YOU Should Care!"

December, 2009 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2009 - "Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)"
    Sponsor Presentation "Sogeti – Open for business"
October, 2009 - "Building Reusable Web Components with Silverlight"
    Special Event "
State of .NET Technologies"
    Sponsor Presentation "INETA"
September, 2009 - "DotNetNuke and Why it's Cool"
Birds of a Feather "
A New Software Development Project – Where Do YOU Start?"
    Sponsor Presentation "Introducing Technisource (Spherion) and Provali Group"
August, 2009 - "Team Foundation Server Today and Tomorrow"
Birds of a Feather "Choosing Between .NET User Interface Technologies
    Sponsor Presentation "Introducing"
July, 2009 - "How you can benefit from Cloud Computing --
an Introduction to the Azure Services Platform"
    Sponsor Presentation "A Developers Look at the Red Gate ANTS Memory Profiler –
Review and Demo"
June, 2009 - "Federated Identity and Geneva (Authentication) -- a developer's perspective"
    Sponsor Presentation "Your Best RIA Development using Tools from the Midnight Coders"
May, 2009 - "Building Business Applications with Silverlight"
Birds of a Feather "Azure Services Platform
April, 2009 - "ASP.NET MVC Framework – No Postbacks!"
Sponsor Presentation "
Introducing Riptide Hosting 'Dedicated Servers and Developers' "
March, 2009 - "Design Patterns & Best Practices Using ADO.NET Entity Framework"
February, 2009 - "Dynamic Data - An introduction and examples"
Sponsor Presentation "
How to survive the job search in a bad economy"
January, 2009 - "Rethinking Object Orientation"
Sponsor Presentation "Application Lifecycle Management with
        Team Foundation Server 2008 & Visual Studio Team System 2008"

December, 2008 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2008 - "Service Oriented AJAX"
Sponsor Presentation "Microsoft Learning -- Microsoft Press Books"

October, 2008 - "Pragmatic Architecture for Developers"
Sponsor Presentation "AppVenture Foundations
September, 2008 - "Microsoft Office as a Developer Platform"
Sponsor Presentation "
SQL Server Analysis Services and
         Building MDX Cubes for .NET Developers"
August, 2008 - "Advanced LINQ - Taming the Query from Hades!"
Sponsor Presentation "
Xiotech-VMWare-Web Services and You"
July, 2008 - "Visual Studio -- ‘Get into Programming’ plus IDE Tips and Tricks for ALL!"
Sponsor Presentation "
Modis IT Consulting -
          Effective Resumes with Personal Reviews and Tips"
June, 2008 - "Windows Live for Developers!"
Sponsor Presentation "
Managing Your Application Lifecycle Management
    with Visual Studio Team System -- Adventos"
May, 2008 - "Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 (continued from last month) –
     New features you’ll really want to use!
Sponsor Presentation "
April, 2008 - "Microsoft "Heroes Happen Here {Community} Launch Event"
Your Open Discussion "
Building Your Professional Network"
Sponsor Presentation "
COMSYS - Putting IT To Work"
March, 2008 - "Introduction to Silverlight 2.0"
Sponsor Presentation "
Colorado Technical University"
February, 2008 - "Building Line of Business Applications"
Sponsor Presentation "
Identity Federation – What is it and why is it important?"
January, 2008 - "What's New in Visual C# 2008"
Open Discussion "
Social Networking Sites"
Sponsor Presentation "
COMSYS - Putting IT To Work"

December, 2007 - No Meeting, holiday break!
December, 2007 - Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest(ivus)
November, 2007 - "Microsoft’s Web UX platform: Silverlight, ASP.NET, and AJAX"
Sponsor Presentation "
October, 2007 - "Speed-up Your Application Development with Repeatable Techniques"
Sponsor Presentation "2008 IT Compensation Trends
September, 2007 - "Halo 3 - Pre-launch Party!"
Sponsor Presentation "
Microsoft Halo 3"
August, 2007 - "Windows Presentation Foundation: Beyond the Bling!"
Sponsor Presentation "TEKsystems
July, 2007 - "Simple Design Patterns That Solve Real World Development Issues"
Sponsor Presentation "
CONNECT: The Knowledge Network"
June, 2007 - "Amazon Web Services: Webscale Computing"
Sponsor Presentation "
K2 “BlackPearl” (Workflow) for Developers"
May, 2007 - "May meeting canceled, due to Memorial Day"
April, 2007 - "Why Workflow?"
Sponsor Presentation "
IBM’s Build Forge tool demo and Q & A plus
          Introduction to cognence"
March, 2007 - "Business Application Development with Office Server 2007
          (Community Launch Team)
Sponsor Presentation "
Introduction to RSS and NewsGator for
          Software Developers in Denver"
February, 2007 - "Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Top to Bottom"
    Sponsor Presentation "
Alumni Consulting Group"
January, 2007 - "
Build Effective Object-Oriented Apps in .NET 3.0"
    Sponsor Presentation "Welcome to MicroStaff"

December, 2006 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2006 - "Your BIG Introduction to: .Net 3.0, Vista, Office 2007, Expression, Live"
Sponsor Presentation "Microsoft"
October, 2006 - "
Security - The Identity Metasystem, Active Directory Federation
         Services (ADFS), and Windows CardSpace (formerly 'InfoCard')
Open Discussion "Generalist or Specialist? - What to be?"
Sponsor Presentation "
September, 2006 - "
BPA - Business Process Automation"
Open Discussion "Full-time Employee or Consultant -- the Good, the Bad, the Ugly!"
Sponsor Presentation "MicroStaff"
August, 2006 - "
LINQ - Language Integrated Query - The Future of Dynamic
    Open Discussion
"To Blog or Not To Blog?"
Sponsor Presentation "
Robert Half Technology, Introduction"
July, 2006 - "
Extreme ASP.NET 2.0:
          Asynchronous Client and Server Processing for Rich Web Clients
    Open Discussion
"Determining business needs from user wants -- Is there a disconnect?"
    Sponsor Presentation "KForce"
June, 2006 - "
Atlas - Microsoft's AJAX Implementation"
    Open Discussion "
Web vs. Windows Applications - your opinion!"
    Sponsor Presentation "MicroStaff"
May, 2006 - "
Generics -- in all colors!"
Sponsor Presentation "
Introduction to Sapphire Technologies!"
April, 2006 - "
Three Cool Namespaces: XML, Regex, and Crypto"
Sponsor Presentation "
Introduction to KForce!"
March, 2006 - "
ASP.NET 2.0 Jumpstart for 1.1 Developers"
    Sponsor Presentation "
Microsoft Windows Workflow (WWF) -
         Solutions for Scalable, Reliable Web Services
February, 2006 - "ASP.NET Data Binding – Beyond the demo...
    Sponsor Presentation "
ASP.NET Security"
January, 2006 - "Advanced Windows Forms Tips
    Sponsor Presentation "
SOA Runtime Governance"

December, 2005 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2005 - "Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Community Launch"
    Sponsor Presentation "Microsoft"

October, 2005 - "Focus on YOU, the Developer - Visual Studio 2005"
    Sponsor Presentation "Idea Integration - Who is Idea?"

September, 2005 - "Tips/Tricks of a Developer"
Sponsor Presentation "
Introduction: "FUJITSU Consulting Information Services"
August, 2005 - "CSLA .Net in Action - A Time Saving Application Framework
         for your C# or VB.Net Development Projects"

Sponsor Presentation "
Introduction to "Yoh Company"
July, 2005 - "Take Control: A Tour of the New Controls in ASP.NET 2.0"
Sponsor Presentation "
Enterprise Library Application Blocks: Ready-to-Use Solutions
Solve Problems Once and For All"
June, 2005 - "New Enhancements for C# 2.0"
Sponsor Presentation "
Design Patterns - Solutions to Recurring Software Design Problems"
May, 2005 - "Essential Portal Development for ASP.NET Developers"
Sponsor Presentation "
Code and Memory Profiling Your .NET Applications"
April, 2005 - "Building Extensible Integration Solutions
         using BizTalk Server 2004 and Visual Studio .NET
“Design Patterns and Agility”
Sponsor Presentation "
Introduction to MicroStaff, consulting and placement firm"
March, 2005 - "SOA - The “PEACE” Tenets of Service Orientation"
Sponsor Presentation "
Career, Jobs, and Consulting Q & A"
February, 2005 - "
Sponsor Presentation "
.NET Applications and Mainframe Applications
using SOAP based Web Services
January, 2005 - "
Building .NET Solutions for Office System"

December, 2004 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2004 - The Future of Collaborative Team Development
Sponsor Presentation "Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
October, 2004 - WinForms Best Practices
Sponsor Presentation "
TEKsystems - Introduction and Interactive Q & A"
September, 2004 - Creation of Distributed Object-Oriented Applications in .NET
August, 2004 -
“Application Security in .NET”
Sponsor Presentation "Statera - Introduction to Consulting"
July, 2004 -
Developer Solutions using Reporting Services
Contest Winner Demo, Part 2 of 2
Sponsor Presentation "
UML Modeling with Visual Studio .NET & Borland Together Modeler"
June, 2004 -
Server and User Control Development in .NET
Special: Contest Winner Demo, Part 1 of 2
    Sponsor Presentation "Career, Jobs, and Consulting Q & A"
May, 2004 -
“Exceptional Exception Handling in .NET”
: Instrumenting Your .NET Applications
    Sponsor Presentation "Interviewing Tip"
April, 2004 -
"Visual Basic .NET 2004 World Tour - Denver, from Microsoft
    Sponsor Presentation "
Microsoft Visual Basic Developer Center
March, 2004 -
"Reflecting the Real World
    Sponsor Presentation
"SQL Server Tools Review for Developers and DBAs”
February, 2004 - "
Mastering ADO.NET Multitable Relations"
    Sponsor Presentation "
Improving the Software Development Process"
January, 2004 - "
Building Distributed Applications with Indigo"
: "Which Is Fastest When Retrieving Data from a Database?"
    Sponsor Presentation "
Managing Web services created with VS.NET"
December, 2003 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2003 -
"SuperTransformations - HTML Output from XML"
    Sponsor Presentation "
Darwin, Band-Aids and Smart Client Applications"
October, 2003 - "
Graphics (GDI+) – Drawing You to .NET"
: ".NET Remoting - The Other RPC Architecture"
    Sponsor Presentation "Optimize Your Under-Performing .NET Applications"
September, 2003 -
Microsoft Application Architectures -
Doing Development Faster and Doing It Right"
    ".NET Q & A Session"
    Sponsor Presentation
"Quality, Compliance and Security Across the Application Lifecycle"
August, 2003 -
“Extending your Applications with .NET and Microsoft Portal Technologies”
"Introducing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Tools for Microsoft Office System"
    Sponsor Presentation "Faster and Easier .NET Application Development with ORM.NET"
July, 2003 -
Build Your Real-World ASP.NET Application Using the Portal Starter Kit”
Sorting Collections - The Easy Way!
          Download the GotDotNET code
    Sponsor Presentation "Legacy Applications and .NET -- Can We Talk?"
June, 2003 -
"Take a Tablet PC and Call Me in the Morning -
Build Applications for the Tablet PC using Visual Studio .NET”
".NET Q & A Session"
"Career, Jobs, and Consulting Q & A Session"
May, 2003 - “
Automate Your .NET Code Generation"
     Sponsor Presentation
"Creating Charts for .NET Applications"
April, 2003 -
Data Binding with Windows Forms - Move up to the Power!"
     with special guest Ken Getz    
          Download the Data Binding code from AppDev (available for a limited time only)
March, 2003 -
“C# .NET – COM Interop, Automating Microsoft Office Applications"
          Download the C# .NET – COM Interop code, see presenter
"Doing XML Documents with the .NET Framework"
          Download the GotDotNET code
    Sponsor Presentation
"Strategies for Jump Starting .NET Application Development"              
February, 2003 -
"Mastering the 3 C’s of .NET – User Controls, Custom Controls,
               and Components"
          Download the Mastering the 3 C’s of .NET code
".NET Serialization"
          Download the GotDotNET code
    Sponsor Presentation
"Visual Modeling in the Real World,
A Practical Approach to UML Modeling"
January, 2003 -
"Reflections on Reflection.NET”
          Download the
Reflection.NET code
"Graphics Programming with the .NET Framework - A Look at GDI+"
          Download the GotDotNET code
    Sponsor Presentation
"Component Oriented Technical Architecture"
Special Event January, 2003 - Jeff Prosise: "Power ASP.NET Programming"
          Download presentation slides and sample code
December, 2002 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2002 - "Talkback to Microsoft – Visual C# .NET Q & A” (Discussion)
          Download the "Talkback to Microsoft" discussion:

             - Advanced C# Slide Presentation and
             - Voting Results for C# Problems and Suggestions with Graphs
October, 2002 - "Visual Inheritance - How OOP works in Windows.Forms"
    GotDotNET "
Taming the ASP.NET WebForms DataGrid Control"
          Download the GotDotNET code

September, 2002 - "XML Web Services Exposed"
          Download the
XML Web Services code
    GotDotNET "
Jagged Arrays in VB.NET and C#"
          Download the GotDotNET code

August, 2002 - ".NET Mobile Technology - The Enterprise On the Move"
    GotDotNET "
Guided Garden Stroll thru the .NET Framework Class Library"
          Download the GotDotNET code

August, 2002 - Extra: "2002 Visual Basic .NET Tour, from Microsoft"
          Download the Tour code and presentation

July, 2002 - "Multithreading in .NET, A Thread in Time Saves 9"
          Download the Multithreading in .NET presentation and code

June, 2002 - "Taking .NET Windows Forms One Step Beyond"
          Download the .NET Windows Form code

    Extra Topic "Fundamentals of OOD and Subclassing the .NET Web Controls"
          Download the OOD and Subclassing presentation

          Download the OOD and Subclassing application code
          Download the OOD and Subclassing database code
May, 2002 - "Regular Expressions for .NET Developers" - Special GotDotNET
          Download the Special GotDotNET code

    Extra Topic "Windows Services"
          Download the Extra Topic code

April, 2002 - "Powerful Distributed Computing with .NET Remoting"
    GotDotNET "Cryptography and the .NET Framework"
          Download the GotDotNET code

March, 2002 - "ADO.NET – Working with Data in .NET"
    GotDotNET "Exception Handling, Part 2"
          Download the GotDotNET code

February, 2002 - "ADO.NET – Working with Data in .NET"
    GotDotNET "Exception Handling"
          Download the GotDotNET code

January, 2002 - "Web Forms in Action, ASP.NET"
    GotDotNET "ADO.NET"
          Download the GotDotNET code

December, 2001 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2001 - "Under the Hood of a Complete Visual Studio .NET Real-World Application" 
October, 2001 - "Visual C# .NET for the Visual Basic .NET Developer" 
     GotDotNET "Smart Object Tricks - Format Definitions & Custom Formatting"
          Download the GotDotNET code

September, 2001 - "
Building WinForms in Visual Basic .NET with a little Visual C# .NET"
     GotDotNET "Collections & Interfaces"
          Download the GotDotNET code

     "Today's Job Market, Part 2"
August, 2001 - "VB Development for PocketPC and Palm
     GotDotNET "Input/Output"
          Download the GotDotNET code

     "Today's Job Market, Part 1"
July, 2001 "Crystal Reports in VB6 & Visual Basic .NET, Forms & ASP, SQL Server"
     GotDotNET "Strings"
          Download the GotDotNET code

June, 2001
- "Object Oriented Programming in VB Now and in Visual Basic .NET"
     GotDotNET "Introducing the .NET Framework"
          Download the GotDotNET code

     "Rolling Back Up the River - Beta 1 to 2 Visual Basic .NET Changes"
May, 2001 - "Microsoft Corporate: 2001 DEVELOPER'S TOUR - Visual Basic .NET"
April, 2001 - "Getting Started with XML using DOM and SAX with VB"
March, 2001 - "Error Handling in VB.'Classic' and Visual Basic .NET"
February, 2001 - "Testing Visual Basic Applications"
January, 2001 - "Moving a Single Tier Windows App to n-Tier Browser"
December, 2000 - No Meeting, holiday break!
November, 2000
- "Programming Today for Visual Basic .NET Tomorrow"
October, 2000 - "An Introduction to Visual Basic .NET"
September, 2000 - "An Introduction to XML and its Uses"
August, 2000 - "Accessing the Windows Registry from VB"
July, 2000 - "VB Training and Certification"
June, 2000 - "Complete Windows DNA Real-World Example"
May, 2000 - "How to Build an IT Career using Visual Basic"
April, 2000 - "What is RAD about Visual Basic"
March, 2000 - "Building an N-Tier ASP Application Start to Finish"
February, 2000 - "COM+ Overview and VB"
January, 2000 - "Practical ADO Tricks"
  Meetings prior to 2000 are no longer available.


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