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Programming Razor 1st Edition,
Tools for Templates in ASP.NET MVC or WebMatrix
Author(s): Jess Chadwick
Note: Author is the creator of
Published: 2011, ISBN: 978-1-449-30676-2, pages: 118
Publisher (more . . .) O'Reilly)




 Three out of Five Stars
  Reviewed: April, 2012
  Reviewer: Martin L Buchanan
       This book does not have the quality I expect from an O'Reilly title:

1. There is no index. O'Reilly's author guidelines Chapter 4: "Your final draft should include an index." Those same guidelines Chapter 5: "The index is the single most important part of your book."

2. Razor has a syntax, but no reference information is given for the syntax, using EBNF or any other syntax notation.

3. Information that should be present, complete, and grouped together is not. For example, Razor has control structures. We encounter a few of them as the author works through various examples and tutorials. There is no section listing the Razor control structures and giving the syntax and meaning for each.

4. Illustrations in the print book are mainly screen shots, several of which are very faint and hard to read.

     The following comments may also be useful but are less important. A DOCTYPE syntax that I believe only works in HTML5 is used, without comment or explanation: <!DOCTYPE html>. The book does not mention the existence of other view engines like Spark or NHaml and does not compare Razor to those alternatives.

     Why do I still give this book three stars? The author has a clear and easy to read writing style. I did learn quite a bit about Razor from reading this book. I encourage the author to write a second edition that fixes the problems noted and updates the information to reflect the latest versions of ASP.NET MVC and Razor.

Martin Buchanan is a software engineer (since 1976) and technical writer (since 1981).
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