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HTML5 24-Hour Trainer (Wiley - Wrox)
Author(s): Joseph W. Lowery, Mark Fletcher
Published: 2011, ISBN: 978-0-470-64782-0, Pages: 336
Publisher (more . . .):  Wiley




 Four out of Five Stars
  Reviewed: July, 2012
  Reviewer: Mark Johnston
       This is a great book for the beginner web developer / designer. The code examples are easy to understand and follow, and the descriptions of what is going on is very comprehensive. The book has useful tips and tricks for new HTML5 and CSS3 principals.

     However, this book is probably not suited for advanced web developers or designers. I was personally hoping for a book devoted in it's entirety to new structures and procedures for HTML5 and CSS3 working with JQuery. About 15% of this book was actually helpful to me, personally. The majority of the book seems to base itself on HTML4 and CSS2, and the bare bones of how these things are coded. However, this is a perfect book for the startup or beginner web programmer. I would recommend this book for any users with little or no experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or for professionals who use HTML sometimes, but is not a daily requirement.

     Some well answered questions in this book: What is HTML? What is an HTML element and what are HTML attributes? What is CSS? What is a CSS accessor? What is JavaScript? How do you write JavaScript? How do you simply manipulate HTML and CSS with JavaScript? What is a Web browser? How does cross-browser testing work? What tools can I use for cross-browser testing?

     Personally, mostly everything until chapter 10 of this book was simply a reiteration of what I already know. There were some gems of knowledge to be gained, but most of it was simply not useful to me. I did enjoy learning about for cross-browser testing.

     Chapter 10 was particularly useful to me, which covered most new HTML5 elements, new CSS3 attributes, and new JavaScript methods, and which Web browsers are currently compliant or not with these new concepts. I especially enjoyed thinking about the possibilities of these new concepts. I'm excited to try out the geolocation JavaScript method and the Canvas HTML element. CSS3 rounded borders will save a lot of design time, too. Hopefully they will be more fully available in the near future.

     Despite there not being a huge amount of helpful information in the book to me, personally, I do see the potential for helping more junior designers and developers. This being the case I still rate this book as 4 stars.
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