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Professional Visual Studio 2013 (Wiley - Wrox)
Author(s): Bruce Johnson
Published: 2014, ISBN: 978-1-118-83204-2, Pages: 1104
Publisher (more . . .):  Wiley




 Five out of Five Stars
  Reviewed: January, 2015
  Reviewer: Ken Hollister
       Professional Visual Studio 2013 is written by Bruce Johnson and published by Wrox/Wiley. Its purpose is to serve as the ultimate authority on how to Visual Studio 2013.

     It has 57 chapters that span a hefty 1104 pages. Despite the intimidating size, the book is organized further into 12 parts:

• The Integrated Development Environment
• Getting Started
• Digging Deeper
• Rich Client Applications
• Web Applications
• Data
• Application Services
• Configuration and Resources
• Debugging
• Build and Deployment
• Customizing and Extending Visual Studio
• Visual Studio Ultimate

     As these twelve parts are fairly independent, the user can then pick and choose which areas they wish to learn about.

     The first three parts (a total of 16 chapters) cover the changes to the Visual Studio and how to use it effectively, including installation, how the IDE is organized, how to use the Code Editor, IntelliSense, Code Snippets, the Class Designer, XML Comments, Refactoring, and Unit Testing. It’s essential information for one to use Visual Studio.

     The next eight parts (37 chapters) explore the different types of applications (including Windows Forms, Web Forms, MVC, WPF Applications, Windows Communication Foundation, Workflow Foundation, Windows Store Applications), programming concepts (Databinding, LINQ, Entity Framework, Advanced Debugging), and well as upgrading old projects, building, packing, and deploying different kinds of projects. While some of these items (such as MVC, WPF, and LINQ) are not considered “deep-dives”, there is enough detail is to be useful.

     The final part of this book (4 chapters) covers Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate versions (Architects, Developers, and Testers), and delves into Visual Studio’s integration with Team Foundation Server.

     Professional Visual Studio 2013 is very thorough, easy to read, and has information that would be helpful for both beginner and senior developers. I’d recommend all users read the first three parts, and then choose the material that suits their individual needs/interests. Code samples (in C# and VB.NET) are also included.

     Johnson is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and experienced author, which is reflected in his writing style. The book was well-structured, and made it easy to find and focus on my particular needs.

     Conclusion: I recommend Professional Visual Studio 2013 to all users of Visual Studio 2013. I found it to be a very valuable resource.
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