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Murach's HTML5 and CSS3 3rd Edition
Author(s): Anne Boehm and Zak Ruvalcaba
Published: 2015, ISBN 978-1-890774-83-7
19 chapters, 682 pages, 289 figures

Publisher (more . . .):   Murach





 Five out of Five Stars
  Reviewed: July, 2015
  Reviewer: Chris Wallace
       This book is rich with the practical knowledge all developers need to know about building websites that both look attractive and function well with HTML5 and CSS3. I particularly like the way the authors have intertwined HTML5 and CSS3 from the beginning rather than treat them separately, as is usually the case with other books, especially with separate books. In this, the authors show a real empathy with the reader who should be thinking about both of those topics from the start.

     This is mostly written as a beginner's book, as it starts out with a crash course which takes a large chunk of the first part of the book. If you already are well experienced, don't skip these chapters, but skim them in case you have missed some fundamentals, you will also get up to speed with some of the new specs. You can get a start with HTML and CSS, since the authors are giving you more than just the new portions of the HTML5 and CSS3 uses. Keep this book as a reference.

     The portions about JavaScript and jQuery are a bit short, some might think that these topics are given too little guidance. From the quick start there you need to find additional specific books on those topics, but you will be able to at least start with the introduction here -- you will need to know both. JQuery Mobile is even covered as an added benefit. Murach has another book specifically covering JavaScript and jQuery, including JQuery Mobile and more.

     This book helps you start to understand one of life's most troubling areas for developers -- creating sites for any type screen and any type device, called the promise of Responsive Web Design. Here you will get a great foundation in applying the theory in a practical manner. This is an area which may not be covered sufficiently in other beginning books and something that many beginners don't even realize they need.

     The topics which make up the title of the book aren't the only topics covered, including some basics of hosting and design, testing, deployment, and search engine indexing, plus browser compatibility.

     This is quite a large book (well over 600 pages) with large type and heavy stock, a tradition of Murach books. It also uses the format that we have come to expect from Murach books, paired pages where when the book is opened, the left side contains text and the right side contains code and screen shots as well as summaries of the left side text. Don't skip the left side, instead make sure to read it first then check out the right side. I am not sure how this format works as an e-book, hopefully it provides a magazine style of reading, giving you two pages side by side, rather than vertical pages which would require paging up and down (I did not review that format).

     This book will
help you get started on the right foot. You may already have some bit of knowledge about these topics, but read this book without attempting to skip parts because you already know something -- you will be better off consuming it all in sequence, filling in those parts you don't know, adding to those parts you do know, and explaining those parts you need to understand.

     This book helps you teach yourself. I highly recommend this book
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